About Us

The Kitty Lash story begins in 2016. I had tried many lash brands but none had the impact of fully highlighting my makeup designs to the standard I was happy with. I wanted the very best for my clients so made the decision to seek out a manufacturer that could create.

The Purrrfect Lash Brand

I quickly learned that great things can come from adversity. I had an operation and was subsequently bed bound for two weeks. I spent that time researching the top eyelash vendors and after discovering the best manufacturer I quickly ordered 80 sets - All the sets sold out immediately.

Success came very quickly, To the point that i could no longer carry the workload alone. In a family phone call my mum asked, “Do you want a partner?” I said “Yes” And we have been partners in Kitty Lash since that day.

During that time I was working in a makeup academy and decided to start my own makeup salon where I could stock and sell my exciting new range of lashes. This enabled me to match the perfect lashes to suit each of my makeup designs.

The end result is exciting for us all – Many famous stars now wear kitty lash - Cardi b is one of the biggest names that have worn our lashes, In her music video ‘Thotiana’. Many well-known english bloggers and influencers also now wear Kitty Lash.

We Hope That That You Will Enjoy Wearing Our Eyelashes Too!