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Our Coco lashes, the natural yet super curly lash! They pair with any makeup look, these perfect lashes are universal!
Material- FAUX Brazilian Silk.

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Application Instructions
How to Apply Kitty Lash Eyelashes

Step 1. Take your Kitty Lash and measure against your eye the size of your lash line in order to see where needs cutting.

Step 2. As makeup artists ourselves, we recommend cutting the lashes from the inner corner ensuring the fluffyness of our lashes stays intact.

Step 3. Take a glue of your choice, glue the lash band making sure there is enough glue across the band, leave for a minute & apply your false eyelash to your lash line.

Care Instructions
Gently Peel your eyelashes of your eyes from a long night of partying, submerge a cotton wool bud into warm water/ cleaning solution to encourage mascara or any eye shadow to dissolve. Check the lashes for remaining residue, place them back onto your lash tray in the shape they where bought in, tuck them nicely around the lash tray& leave to dry for your next occasion!
Which Lash for my eyes?
Hooded Eyes we would suggest trying a smaller lash which won’t overpower your eyes. We want to give the illusion of giving you a bigger wider eye! We suggest - Pompom, Misty or Elle.

If you are looking for more a Feline Effect, to make your eyes look sexy with the purrrfect winged lash, we suggest - Kitty.

Dramatic lashes - the bigger the better, right? Go all out & we suggest - Cloe, Darla, Noelle, Jinxy, Tilly, Mittens & Rosie!

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